New Computer Maybe New Continuous Blog…

So I just got a new computer for home.  Now maybe I will actually do this blog on a regular basis.  Ha ha!  Who am I kidding?  I probably won’t but we shall see!  Only time will tell!

Life was pretty boring really over the last few weeks.  I had some cool work outfits.


We took my daughter to the Maryland Science Center.  She had so much fun she didn’t want to leave.  They have so many interactive things for her to do there.  She got to digfor dinosaur bones.  That is what she is doing below.


We also went to my Mom’s pool to swim.  We got a new float toy for the pool for this year.  She is our favorite unicorn and I named her Lucy.  She is awesome!



Below is my silly cat Stinky.  He is 13 years old and he used to be the biggest asshole until my daughter was born then he turned nice.  He used to bite or claw you every time he was done getting pet.  He was so mean!  For the last 4 years he has been an angel.  Below is his angel face that is crowding me off my couch.


I also learned that one of my co workers that I have worked with for almost 4 years has cancer.  It is a cancerous tumor in her neck under and behind her ear.  They said it is a slow growing tumor and they think that they can take care of all it by doing surgery and removing it.  She is having surgery this Monday and I am so nervous for her.  I more concerned about her having this done than I am about some of my own family members when they have issues.  If anyone actually reads this, please pray/cross your fingers/sing the hookie pookie or what ever you want to do for good luck.


The below cookies from Trader Joes are like crack.  I cannot allow them to come in to the house anymore.  I got them for my daughter but I ate most of the box.