Day 13, 14, 15 of The Wild Diet (with the stomach bug)

So…  missed a few days here due to being sick with a stomach bug.  Saturday started out well.  I got up and ate a banana, green beans with olive oil and almonds and eggs with cheese.


Then for lunch I ate the rest of the green beans.  The rest of the day was not so good.  I was starting to feel not so great anyway and we had caroling with our neighborhood that night so my dinner happened really late.  My snacks were cheese filled peppers from Aldi, lots of nuts of all kinds, and sometime of cookie thing that was brough for caroling.  It was awesome with coconut and caramel (very rich!).  I also had some homemade hot chocolate with 70% dark chocolate and whole milk.  I also had one glass of Merlot.  Only one cheat!  Miracle!

We went caroling and then went to our local lounge/bar/restaurant for dinner.  Here I had a bacon cheeseburger (no bun) with provolone cheese and peas for a side.  Also one more glass of Merlot.

After that I went home and went to bed.  I had an early morning run with my running group on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning started out alright I woke up with my stomach feeling funny but not in pain so I went and did my 5 mile run with my group and came home.  I averaged 11:11min per mile which is pretty fast for me!

Came home got a shower, chugged a green smoothie (chard, kale, coconut water and apple) and went to church.  After church my husband make brunch (eggs with vegetables and cheese and scrapple) and after that all heck broke loose in my stomach.  Cramps and all kind of nastiness.  I slept for the rest of the day and didn’t eat anything else.

Monday morning I was feeling a little better but still not good.  I knew I had to eat something  but nothing on the Wild Diet sounded good so I said forget it – I am getting a free pass day today.

Breakfast was a egg-white Delight from McDonald’s.  Lunch was a cinnamon raisin bagel with cheddar cheese.  Dinner was two 4oz burgers made of organic bison meat with the buns and cheddar cheese and onions.  All day I drank Ginger ale.  It was an awful diet day and I just don’t care.  I needed to eat and I needed to eat what sounded ok to my unhappy stomach.

Today will be better!


Day 8 and It was Great!

Monday again.  Boo!  Work was annoying but I got quite a bit done that needed doing.  I was busy with a project through noon so I didn’t eat anything until lunch.  Just a fatty coffee.  Lunch was a salad with romaine, spinach, peppers, mozzarella cheese, almonds, kalamata olives, carrots, mushrooms and olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I also had a apple.  Then for a snack before the gym I had a green smoothie with coconut water, carrots, apple and spinach.

At the gym I did a walk/run for 45 minutes on the rolling hill setting on the treadmill.  I walked the hills at a fast pace and ran the flats.  Nothing fast.  I went about 3 miles total.  After that I did my core class for 45 minutes.

Dinner tonight was kimchi fried rice with a fried egg on top.  I love this meal!  I was really happy when I came home and that was what my husband had cooked.  Now I am tired and grumpy and really ready for bed.  Mondays are always rough because, well, they are Mondays and because I get home late from the gym because of my class so when I get home I really have to hurry to get everything done at a decent time so we can all get to bed.  I have no time to do anything for myself.  Oh well!  I made time to do this post so that is something!

I almost forgot!  I got my first Wantable Style Edit box over the weekend and it was good.  I only decided to keep one thing but the box was good and they did send me things that I had on my wish list so that was good!  I will try it again and continue to be picky with what I keep!  I kept the shirt below.  It was super cute!


Layton Top

Now I have a Wantable Fitness Edit coming eventually so I will let you know how that goes when I get it.

I can’t believe I got so drunk Saturday night.  I need to remember that I am little and can’t drink that much and that I definitely cannot drink like I used to when I was younger!  I just can’t do it anymore!  I need to stick to the Wild Diet’s 2 drink max on a given day no matter what!  I can’t get into trouble with that!

alcoholic drink: alcoholic drink (gin and tonic) with lemon, lime and ice Stock Photo


Friday Finally! Day 5!

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I feel like this week was a long week.  The weather was crappy and overcast and I just felt tired and drained all week although I ate well and got plenty of sleep.  Today though, I woke up feeling great and I stayed feeling pretty alert the whole day even through some really boring work at work.

Today I ate some Superhero Muffins that I had made while ago and put in the freezer.  I made them from the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook.  Everything in them was good (almond flour, walnuts, raisins, zucchini, carrots, butter, etc) except for the rolled oats.  But there was only a cup in the whole recipe that made 12 muffins (I ate 3).  I don’t know if I should count this as a cheat meal or not.  I guess that I should so I will ere on the side of caution and say this was a cheat meal even though the muffins were healthy and close to perfect!

Lunch was a zucchini and a yellow squash sauteed in olive oil with sauteed spinach and two hard boiled eggs.  I seasoned it with cumin, garlic powder and sriracha sauce.  It turned out really good.  I should have taken a picture!  I also had two deviled eggs with crab meat when I got home for a snack.

Dinner was pan fried mahi mahi with cajun seasoning and a red cabbage slaw with onions and grape tomatoes.

Now I am having some more of my Dry Farm Wines.  Tonight we are drinking the below.  It has a nice spicy kick.  I love it!


I also went to the gym today and did the interval work out that Abel James promotes.  It is a 7 minute interval workout.


I thought that it wouldn’t do anything but it did.  I broke a good sweat and was very out of breath although I do feel like I cheated a little bit since it was only 7 minutes.  Most of my short workout for the last few years have been at least 25 minutes long.  I also did a lifting workout that he suggested that hits all the major body parts.  2 sets of 6-10 reps of 10 exercises.  Only took half an hour and I feel it a little already.  He may really be on to something!

Tomorrow my husband and I will be going to DC to march in support of Standing Rock.  I probably won’t post tomorrow night but maybe I will try to from my phone.  You never know!


Day 4 :)

Had another good day today.  Breakfast was whole milk cottage cheese with almond butter around 10:30am.  Lunch was romaine lettuce with left over veggies from last night (little red pepper, little celery, one baby carrot and a few grape tomatoes), a little guacamole, lots of feta cheese and half a grilled chicken breast.  It was the best I could come up with quickly this morning!  I had a snack of baby carrots.  Dinner was eggs with spinach, red pepper, onions, feta cheese and provolone cheese.  I had one piece of dark chocolate and then my husband made deviled eggs with crabmeat for a holiday party at his work tomorrow and I had to sample two of them!  They were fantastic!

I did not go to the gym today.  I gave myself permission to take off so I went and got my nails done instead.  I am so happy with them!  I bite my nails really bad when I don’t have acrylics or gel polish on them.  I had gotten them done for about 8 months then I got tired of taking the time away from my workouts to go get them done so I started doing them myself.  Well… that only worked out for about two months before I started biting again.  I finally got tired of my nails looking horrible so I had acrylics put on again.  Back to square one…


I also finally took my “before” pictures so I can compare at the end of my first 30 days following The Wild Diet.  Here they are (sorry for the broken mirror – the armoire it is attached to fits too perfectly in the space in my small room to get rid of it).

We also tried another one of our wines last night from Dry Farm Wines.  I didn’t take a picture of it yesterday but it was awesome so I dug the bottle out and took one today!  I love these wines so much.  They are so regular commercially made wines I have had in the past. I really have no desire to drink any other wine now.  These are so good!


Tomorrow is finally Friday!  Let’s make it a good one!

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The Wild Diet: Day Three and Still Going Strong!

I really like this diet.  I like it so much because (at least to me) it doesn’t feel like a diet at all.  I get to eat and drink all the things that I like best while cutting out all the processed things that I used to eat because they were easy to get that I really didn’t get any enjoyment out of eating anyway!  Win win!  I have already gone down almost 3 pounds!  I am sure it is water weight but still!  The scale hasn’t budged for me in months!

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Today I decided I was tired of just fatty coffee so I drank my coffee black and ate some whole fat cottage cheese.  I never liked cottage cheese until I allowed myself to eat the full fat version.  Now I love it!  Lunch was spinach, red peppers, onion and mushroom sauteed in olive oil with grilled chicken, avocado and balsamic vinegar.  It was a awesome lunch!  I might have to get up early tomorrow morning and make it again!  Snack was GTs Gingerade Kombucha.  Dinner ended up just being a cheese stick, two pieces of provolone cheese with 3 pieces of turkey lunch meat, and raw carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, red pepper and cucumbers with a greek yogurt dip and guacamole.  I also had a glass of red wine.  We had some of our community members over at our house for a meeting so that is why dinner was what it was.  I did go to the gym today.  It was a fairly easy day.  I walked on the treadmill at no incline for 20 minutes and then took my Barre class for 45 minutes.

It was a good day!  I am ready for tomorrow!