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OBX Vacation and More!

We got back from our big family vacation to Duck, NC in the Outer Banks a week ago.  We had such a great time!  Perfect weather the whole time which is just crazy for OBX.  No rain and temperatures in the 80’s the whole time.  Normally when we go (this is our 4th year) it storms a lot and it gets really hot for a few days – like so hot you can’t even go outside.  Very lucky this time!

Now that vacation is over it is time to buckle down and get my eating and drinking under control.  Back to MyFitnessPal and wearing my FitBit and actually getting off my butt and walking at lunch (as long as it isn’t too hot)!  I have gained a little weight over the last two years or so and I really don’t like it.  I am not over weight but I still don’t like it.  I have tried to like it but I just don’t.  Everyone around me thinks I look fine but I just think I need some work.  I don’t think I look bad but I could definitely be more toned and be a little bit smaller.  It wouldn’t be hard to do if I just watched what I ate a little and didn’t drink so much alcohol.  Seems so simple but it is just sooooo hard!  Wish me luck!  I can do this!  10 lbs is nothing!


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