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Little Late But Totally AWESOME Weekend and Week So Far!

A little late with this one but it took some time to get back with the reality program after we got back from our AWESOME weekend of hanging out with my BFF since high school at her house on the water!  What a great time!

First off, here is me and my BFF.  We have been friends for almost 30 years.  Saying that makes me feel so old but it is truly awesome to be able to say that you have had a friend for that length of time.  We don’t always see each other often, but we can always just pick up where we left off!

Bill caught a bunch of catfish from the dock at the house, Maggie made friends with my BFF’s dog and she got to go on her first jet ski ride (which she loved!) and we all got to hang out on the boat in the perfect weather!  Perfect weekend!

We also gave our dog Foxy her first bath since we got her 5 years ago.  She is normally very clean since she sheds constantly but she has a problem where she leaks pee when she lays down to sleep.  They did something wrong when she was spayed before we got her.  Poor dog!  For some reason lately it has been bad and she had pee all over her back area so she finally got her first bath with us.  She looked like a little drowned rat!


I also found a friend at work that will actually walk with me!  She also lives like right around the corner from me so we went walking together for the second time this afternoon and it was a lot of fun!  So much better than running!  I think we went about 2 miles and walking is so much less stressful on my feet and knees than running.  Going with a friend makes it just as therapeutic as running so win win for everything!  Hopefully this keeps up!


My co-worker that had surgery Monday is also doing well.  Surgery went great and they were able to get all the tumor out (it was small) and the cancer hadn’t spread so she doesn’t have to have any radiation or chemotherapy so that is great and I am very thankful!  So far it has been a good week!




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The Quote of Life


This is most definitely the quote of life I think.  At least for me.  I need to learn not to worry about the things I cannot change (such as someone’s bad mood most of the time) and to take a stand when needed to help the greater good when it might make a difference.

I can do this and I can be happy with it!  I can accept myself and do the things that make me happy as long as they are not harming anyone and not have to feel guilty about it.  I cannot make everyone like that I do (I can accept that) but I can have the courage to be happy being myself and not worrying about what others think of it!

Yeah me!