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Back in the Saddle Again!

You may be asking – how many times is this crazy person going to start this blog and then disappear?  I am asking myself the same thing!  Maybe the 3rd time (or more like 5th or 6th time) is the charm!

My family and I have had a fun summer so far.  My husband got a drone so he has been having fun flying that and taking pictures.  We went camping at Assateague Island National Seashore where wild ponies invaded our camp and stole our food.




Before all this there was some not so fun stuff.  I got sick with a bacterial infection that landed me in the hospital for almost a week.  Luckily I got through it and feel fine now.  I had a nice view from my room once I got out of ICU and Maggie got to come visit.


 Now I am not allowed to run long distance for awhIle and I am kind of freaking out. Got to find something new to do with my time. Working on it!


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