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The Wild Diet Day 11

Today I went to work and got a great surprise from my co-worker – butter rum muffins!  OMG!  I have never had one before today and it was to die for!  Totally worth the splurge!  Here is a picture of it along with my fatty coffee after it was already half gone (in about 5 minutes)!  I did also eat the apple that is in the background as my afternoon snack which helped me not get cookies and hot chocolate at the CEO’s get together later in the afternoon!


Lunch was my normal this week – vegetables (zucchini, red peppers, asparagus and olives all sauteed in olive oil) and cooked grass fed ground beef.

I went to the gym today and did a 30 minute run on the treadmill (5 minute warm up, 20 minute tempo, 5 minute cool down).  I also did The Wild Diet lifting session and my ball exercises for my back.

Dinner was baked salmon with a dill cucumber yogurt sauce and sauteed arugula.  I had one piece of dark chocolate and am now enjoying two glasses of one of our Dry Farm Wines red wines.  It is delicious and the perfect end to a busy but good day!

My husband and I have been talking and we are thinking of putting our daughter in a Catholic school that is in our neighborhood.  Her daycare is so unorganized and it is starting the drive us nuts.  They have gone through like 3 directors over the last year and their communication is non existent until they think there is a problem with your child.  I always ask how she was when I pick her up and half the time her teachers act like they are annoyed that I asked.  Now that she is hitting and not listening like she used to it is a big deal and we have to sign a paper everyday that shows her performance for the day (which of course they forget the paper until we ask about it).  The Catholic school does pre K through 8 grade and before and after school care and is literally a block from our house.  We are going on a tour in the beginning of the new year to see what we think.  Wish us luck!  This could be a really good thing!  Does anyone have any experience with Catholic schools they can share?



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