The Wild Diet: Day Three and Still Going Strong!

I really like this diet.  I like it so much because (at least to me) it doesn’t feel like a diet at all.  I get to eat and drink all the things that I like best while cutting out all the processed things that I used to eat because they were easy to get that I really didn’t get any enjoyment out of eating anyway!  Win win!  I have already gone down almost 3 pounds!  I am sure it is water weight but still!  The scale hasn’t budged for me in months!

Image result for picture of happy scale

Today I decided I was tired of just fatty coffee so I drank my coffee black and ate some whole fat cottage cheese.  I never liked cottage cheese until I allowed myself to eat the full fat version.  Now I love it!  Lunch was spinach, red peppers, onion and mushroom sauteed in olive oil with grilled chicken, avocado and balsamic vinegar.  It was a awesome lunch!  I might have to get up early tomorrow morning and make it again!  Snack was GTs Gingerade Kombucha.  Dinner ended up just being a cheese stick, two pieces of provolone cheese with 3 pieces of turkey lunch meat, and raw carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, red pepper and cucumbers with a greek yogurt dip and guacamole.  I also had a glass of red wine.  We had some of our community members over at our house for a meeting so that is why dinner was what it was.  I did go to the gym today.  It was a fairly easy day.  I walked on the treadmill at no incline for 20 minutes and then took my Barre class for 45 minutes.

It was a good day!  I am ready for tomorrow!


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