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Another Long Hiatus for Me…

Well… here I am again!  Been awhile.  Here is quick catch up…

I think that in the time I was gone I really did become a little addicted to online subscriptions.  I was doing Stitchfix, Rocksbox, Ipsy, Birtchbox, Just Fab and Fabletics at one time!  I also dabbled in Wantable Accessories.  I am still dabbling in Wantable Style Edits.  I am actually waiting for my first box to get here.  Everything else has been cut off!  I do not need any extra incentive from a million emails to get me to buy clothes and shoes and makeup that I don’t need!  I will still do Stitchfix or Wantable Style Edits once in a while but not on the regular.  I will probably also do the Wantable Accessories again when I need some new stuff.  I liked what they sent.  So that is where I stand with the online subscriptions.

Work is fine, the kid and husband are fine and all the animals in my zoo of a house are fine.  That is all just as it was.  My daughter just turned 4.  I can’t believe she is so big already!  She is her own little person already and she is the best!  🙂

The biggest news (and what I will probably write about the most in this blog) is that I am starting The Wild diet tomorrow.  I kind of all ready started but tomorrow is my first official day.  This diet restricts all processed carbs and really focuses on vegetables, good proteins from meat, fruits, nuts and healthy fats.  I have a lot of stomach issues at times and I swear it gets so much worse when I eat a lot of sugar (like a cupcake with good icing) or a lot of processed carbs like oatmeal and barley.  I do much better when eating the things included in this diet.  I think this will be really good for me.  It also gives you the option of two cheat meals a week so I don’t have to feel like I can’t have something.  I just can’t do it all the time.  It also allows for dark chocolate and wine so I think I am good!  🙂

Prioritize fresh produce, nutrient-dense fats like grass-fed butter, and meat from healthy animals. You should be eating ⅔ plant foods and ⅓ protein and fat. Fill yourself up in this priority

The other big thing I am doing is not running as much.  I just did my first (and probably only) marathon in October and I am just tired of running.  I am running a half marathon in March so I am training for that by using the half marathon training program in the app Apptiv but I am doing different types of exercise other than running a lot more than I have in a long time.  I still run 3 days a week but I am also doing a core class, a barre class and a yoga class once a week and I am not going all out on my runs.  The half I am doing gives you 4 hours to complete it.  I can walk the whole thing in that amount of time so there is no pressure here!  I just want to finish.  It is nice to not feel pressure when working out! Now it is just fun and to be healthy!

So I guess in looking at my new goals in eating and working out, I am trying to find balance yet again in my life!  At least the work/life balance is there – I just need to chill with the rest of it and be healthy and not always go full force!  Balance and have fun!

Image result for balance pictures

Not yet but committed to getting there once again!



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