Day 13, 14, 15 of The Wild Diet (with the stomach bug)

So…  missed a few days here due to being sick with a stomach bug.  Saturday started out well.  I got up and ate a banana, green beans with olive oil and almonds and eggs with cheese.


Then for lunch I ate the rest of the green beans.  The rest of the day was not so good.  I was starting to feel not so great anyway and we had caroling with our neighborhood that night so my dinner happened really late.  My snacks were cheese filled peppers from Aldi, lots of nuts of all kinds, and sometime of cookie thing that was brough for caroling.  It was awesome with coconut and caramel (very rich!).  I also had some homemade hot chocolate with 70% dark chocolate and whole milk.  I also had one glass of Merlot.  Only one cheat!  Miracle!

We went caroling and then went to our local lounge/bar/restaurant for dinner.  Here I had a bacon cheeseburger (no bun) with provolone cheese and peas for a side.  Also one more glass of Merlot.

After that I went home and went to bed.  I had an early morning run with my running group on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning started out alright I woke up with my stomach feeling funny but not in pain so I went and did my 5 mile run with my group and came home.  I averaged 11:11min per mile which is pretty fast for me!

Came home got a shower, chugged a green smoothie (chard, kale, coconut water and apple) and went to church.  After church my husband make brunch (eggs with vegetables and cheese and scrapple) and after that all heck broke loose in my stomach.  Cramps and all kind of nastiness.  I slept for the rest of the day and didn’t eat anything else.

Monday morning I was feeling a little better but still not good.  I knew I had to eat something  but nothing on the Wild Diet sounded good so I said forget it – I am getting a free pass day today.

Breakfast was a egg-white Delight from McDonald’s.  Lunch was a cinnamon raisin bagel with cheddar cheese.  Dinner was two 4oz burgers made of organic bison meat with the buns and cheddar cheese and onions.  All day I drank Ginger ale.  It was an awful diet day and I just don’t care.  I needed to eat and I needed to eat what sounded ok to my unhappy stomach.

Today will be better!

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On the 12th Day of The Wild Diet…

Today was a alright day.  It is Friday finally and Fridays are always good.  I am supposed to have my first long run with my half marathon training group tomorrow morning (4-5 miles) but it might ice and snow so they might postpone it until Sunday.  I hope we get to do it.  I am ready!  I feel like the below but I also don’t want to fall on my butt and hurt myself if it is really icy!  They will make the final decision at 6am.  I just have to get up early and see what is going on.

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Today I actually ate breakfast.  I had 4% milk fat cottage cheese with blueberries and black coffee.  Lunch was sauteed red peppers, collard greens, kale, zucchini and mushroom with olive oil along with olives, cooked grass fed ground beef and a small avocado.  Snack was a green smoothie with coconut water, collard greens, kales, blueberries and a banana.

I skipped the gym tonight because my husbands holiday work party was tonight.   Santa comes and my daughter loved it!  I had some cheats at the party.  I did pretty good though.  I had a salad, green beans, turkey, brisket, sausage and peppers and a piece of swiss cheese.  Then they had some pretty awesome desserts so I sampled.  One small macaroon cookie, 3 small chocolate truffles and 2 marshmellow things.  Here is my daughter with Santa.

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The Wild Diet Day 11

Today I went to work and got a great surprise from my co-worker – butter rum muffins!  OMG!  I have never had one before today and it was to die for!  Totally worth the splurge!  Here is a picture of it along with my fatty coffee after it was already half gone (in about 5 minutes)!  I did also eat the apple that is in the background as my afternoon snack which helped me not get cookies and hot chocolate at the CEO’s get together later in the afternoon!


Lunch was my normal this week – vegetables (zucchini, red peppers, asparagus and olives all sauteed in olive oil) and cooked grass fed ground beef.

I went to the gym today and did a 30 minute run on the treadmill (5 minute warm up, 20 minute tempo, 5 minute cool down).  I also did The Wild Diet lifting session and my ball exercises for my back.

Dinner was baked salmon with a dill cucumber yogurt sauce and sauteed arugula.  I had one piece of dark chocolate and am now enjoying two glasses of one of our Dry Farm Wines red wines.  It is delicious and the perfect end to a busy but good day!

My husband and I have been talking and we are thinking of putting our daughter in a Catholic school that is in our neighborhood.  Her daycare is so unorganized and it is starting the drive us nuts.  They have gone through like 3 directors over the last year and their communication is non existent until they think there is a problem with your child.  I always ask how she was when I pick her up and half the time her teachers act like they are annoyed that I asked.  Now that she is hitting and not listening like she used to it is a big deal and we have to sign a paper everyday that shows her performance for the day (which of course they forget the paper until we ask about it).  The Catholic school does pre K through 8 grade and before and after school care and is literally a block from our house.  We are going on a tour in the beginning of the new year to see what we think.  Wish us luck!  This could be a really good thing!  Does anyone have any experience with Catholic schools they can share?


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The Wild Diet Day 10 – A Third of the Way There!

I am officially a third of the way through my first 30 days on The Wild Diet!  Woo hoo!  I love it!  I am eating so many more vegetables now.  I feel healthier and I am never hungry.  Win and Win!

This morning I took a break from fatty coffee and decided to eat celery with almond butter.  Ants on a Log minus the ants!  I think that I like just having fatty coffee instead.  I may not be a breakfast person.


Lunch was grass fed ground beef, with sauteed red pepper, zucchini, mushroom and spinach with feta cheese and it was awesome.


Snack was a green smoothie.  This time with coconut water, kale, collard greens and a banana.  It was also awesome!

At the gym today I did a short interval workout run for 25 minutes (about 2 miles) and then did my Barre class (45 minutes).

Dinner was baked pork chops with butter sauce with asparagus and baked sweet potato.  I also had a couple mixed olives after dinner while packing lunch for tomorrow!  And kombucha tea.  Can’t forget that!

I also signed up for a half marathon training program today through my local running store.  I know that I am not really supposed to be doing a ton of working out on The Wild Diet but running has become so much a part of me over the last few years that I just can’t not do the distance.  I feel weird!  My first run is this Saturday with the group and we do two sessions a week – Saturday morning long runs and Tuesday night speed/hill workouts.  Should be fun!  I really am excited!

Image result for group running pictures

Now for a question.  My daughter is 4 and is normally really good at home and at her “school” (really daycare but they do pre-school).  For the last week or two though, she has been hitting her friends and teachers and not listening.  At home she has been not listening and then hitting us when she doesn’t get her way.  We try to do time outs but she is very stubborn and won’t sit for them until we put her back in the chair 20 times or so.  Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a unruly 4 year old besides time out or is that the best thing to do?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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Day 9 and The Wild is Fine!

I make up the stupidest rhymes for these titles! Ha! I amuse myself!

Day 9 was an ok day.  I had fatty coffee for breakfast then since we were waiting for our food to be delivered from Amazon Fresh (which is great by the way!) I went and got a salad at the salad bar for lunch.  It was lacking good protein sources but I did the best I could.  Romaine, peppers, mushrooms, kalmata olives, grape tomatoes, beets, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, bacon crumbles and almonds all with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I think I over did it with the cheese and bacon though!  😦

I went to the gym and did The Wild 7 minute interval thing, then I did my lifting and then I walked hills for 20 minutes.  My snack was a green smoothie with coconut water, spinach, carrots and peaches.

Dinner was awesome again!  My husband made baked cod with dill, quinoa with cheese and the awesome bacon wrapped brussels sprouts below (not a real picture of ours but close enough).  I also drank a kombucha tea.


Day 8 and It was Great!

Monday again.  Boo!  Work was annoying but I got quite a bit done that needed doing.  I was busy with a project through noon so I didn’t eat anything until lunch.  Just a fatty coffee.  Lunch was a salad with romaine, spinach, peppers, mozzarella cheese, almonds, kalamata olives, carrots, mushrooms and olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I also had a apple.  Then for a snack before the gym I had a green smoothie with coconut water, carrots, apple and spinach.

At the gym I did a walk/run for 45 minutes on the rolling hill setting on the treadmill.  I walked the hills at a fast pace and ran the flats.  Nothing fast.  I went about 3 miles total.  After that I did my core class for 45 minutes.

Dinner tonight was kimchi fried rice with a fried egg on top.  I love this meal!  I was really happy when I came home and that was what my husband had cooked.  Now I am tired and grumpy and really ready for bed.  Mondays are always rough because, well, they are Mondays and because I get home late from the gym because of my class so when I get home I really have to hurry to get everything done at a decent time so we can all get to bed.  I have no time to do anything for myself.  Oh well!  I made time to do this post so that is something!

I almost forgot!  I got my first Wantable Style Edit box over the weekend and it was good.  I only decided to keep one thing but the box was good and they did send me things that I had on my wish list so that was good!  I will try it again and continue to be picky with what I keep!  I kept the shirt below.  It was super cute!


Layton Top

Now I have a Wantable Fitness Edit coming eventually so I will let you know how that goes when I get it.

I can’t believe I got so drunk Saturday night.  I need to remember that I am little and can’t drink that much and that I definitely cannot drink like I used to when I was younger!  I just can’t do it anymore!  I need to stick to the Wild Diet’s 2 drink max on a given day no matter what!  I can’t get into trouble with that!

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