Hill Running = Sucky But Great Training!

So I have been training for my marathon with a friend lately and we are running hills as part of our training.  We ran this one loop today that has a huge hill at the end (maybe not that huge but pretty big and we ran it 5 times) and we did great today!  About a 11 minute mile the whole time which is kind of slow but really good for us so woo hoo!  I feel great!  5 miles of hill work done!  🙂

Now I am at my office eating my post run meal of zucchini bread my neighbor made (it is awesome!) and Siggis plain yogurt.  Good blend of sweet and sour and protein and carbs!


On another note, while trying to become a better runner I have also been trying to look more put together at the office.  This includes new hair dos, different make up and actually wearing jewelry (this is wear Rocksbox comes in).  Tried a new up do this morning and think it worked out alright.  Hopefully it stays in all day.  Also trying some new lipstick!  Should be a good Tuesday!



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