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Balance with a 3 Year Old

Friday… Finally!

This morning was challenging to say the least.  Everything was fine until I went to wake up my 3 year old.  She was the grumpiest I have seen her in a long time!  She kept yelling at me to stop talking and she got really mad when I opened her blinds.  Eventually she calmed down and got up.

Then we moved on to the picking out the clothes drama.  Today is dress up day at school so she was supposed to dress in her best dress.  She picked it out and then decided it had to be put on backwards because the buttons belong in the front (on this dress they go in the back).  When Daddy turned it around a fixed it, a fit was thrown and she insisted on wearing something else.  This request was not granted and she was taken downstairs screaming.

The next issue was her shoes.  She didn’t want to wear her cool light up Frozen sandals.  She wanted to wear her pink Puma tennis shoes that did not match her dress.  That request was also not granted and she was loaded into the truck with Daddy screaming to go to school.

I emailed Daddy later and he said that by the time she got to school she was fine.  Glad she was able to find her balance eventually!  Hopefully she is better tonight!

Anyone have advice for dealing with stubborn toddlers?

The below isn’t my daughter but it is exactly what she does!



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