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Online Subscription Services: Can it Become a Addiction?

I am going crazy signing up for online subscription services lately. It started with StixFix which was awesome! Then I tried BlueApron which I wasn’t super thrilled with but probably would have been if my husband wasn’t a great cook that decided to start cooking dinners again! Now I am trying Rocksbox and I can’t wait to get my first box! Below is what I am getting (hopefully tomorrow)!  It is pretty sad how excited I am to get this box!

162-125-G NAK-B36-1 WCO-E3

I love that now between StichFix (clothing) and Rocksbox (jewelry) I will actually get some new things in my wardrobe.  I have no time to go shopping.  There are just too many other things I need to do in my life (eat, sleep, run, hang with the family) and shopping just normally doesn’t make it to the top of the list!  Now it doesn’t have too!  Talk about finding some good balance!  🙂

Is anyone else in LOVE with these types of services?  Can anyone else recommend anything else I should try?

I will let you know how Rockbox works out soon!


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