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Time to Send my Rocksbox Jewelry Back :(

Today I am wearing all the Rocksbox jewelry from my first ever box.  I love it all and really don’t want to send any of it back but I want some new stuff and I don’t have the room in my house or the money in my wallet to keep it all!  So my decision is to send it all back tonight when I get home from work so I can get a new set.  I will really miss looking down at my wrist and seeing this…


And looking at my ears and seeing this…


But the good news in a few days, I will have received my second Stitch Fix package and hopefully soon after, my second Rocksbox package as well!  Always fun to get new stuff!  Reviews and pictures will follow.

I had a great weight lifting workout today.  Full body with emphasis on legs.  Luckily tomorrow is a short 4 miles at a normal pace!

I also tried a new hair do today.  What do you think?



Hill Running = Sucky But Great Training!

So I have been training for my marathon with a friend lately and we are running hills as part of our training.  We ran this one loop today that has a huge hill at the end (maybe not that huge but pretty big and we ran it 5 times) and we did great today!  About a 11 minute mile the whole time which is kind of slow but really good for us so woo hoo!  I feel great!  5 miles of hill work done!  🙂

Now I am at my office eating my post run meal of zucchini bread my neighbor made (it is awesome!) and Siggis plain yogurt.  Good blend of sweet and sour and protein and carbs!


On another note, while trying to become a better runner I have also been trying to look more put together at the office.  This includes new hair dos, different make up and actually wearing jewelry (this is wear Rocksbox comes in).  Tried a new up do this morning and think it worked out alright.  Hopefully it stays in all day.  Also trying some new lipstick!  Should be a good Tuesday!


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Rocksbox Review #1

My first Rocksbox came and I am very happy with it!  jewelry is a great quality and they sent me things that I like but wouldn’t have picked out on my own.  They are getting me out of my comfort zone!  Woo hoo!  Loving my look today and can’t wait to see what they send me next after I am done wearing these pieces!  I really love the earrings and may need to buy them!



Weekend Updates

Weekend was great!  Busy, busy, busy!

Started the weekend bright and early Saturday morning with a 10 mile run in 7 degree heat with 90% humidity (at 6am).  Not fun but I finished.  Then we went to the farmer’s market and got some great food and went to my Mom’s house for a swim in her pool.  My look at the end of the day was this…


Then Sunday we got up and went to the zoo.  We went early so we got to see all the penguins out along with the pelicans and we got to see the Arctic Foxes getting fed a treat of apples.  They were super cute!  After the zoo we went to the movies to see Finding Dory.  It was cute.  My daughter liked it and she managed to sit through the whole thing.  Probably because she got super tired walking at the zoo!  My husband also made friends with a goat at the zoo!


Great weekend but with all the running around I feel like I now need a weekend again to recover from the weekend!  I guess that is when you know it was good!  🙂

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Balance with a 3 Year Old

Friday… Finally!

This morning was challenging to say the least.  Everything was fine until I went to wake up my 3 year old.  She was the grumpiest I have seen her in a long time!  She kept yelling at me to stop talking and she got really mad when I opened her blinds.  Eventually she calmed down and got up.

Then we moved on to the picking out the clothes drama.  Today is dress up day at school so she was supposed to dress in her best dress.  She picked it out and then decided it had to be put on backwards because the buttons belong in the front (on this dress they go in the back).  When Daddy turned it around a fixed it, a fit was thrown and she insisted on wearing something else.  This request was not granted and she was taken downstairs screaming.

The next issue was her shoes.  She didn’t want to wear her cool light up Frozen sandals.  She wanted to wear her pink Puma tennis shoes that did not match her dress.  That request was also not granted and she was loaded into the truck with Daddy screaming to go to school.

I emailed Daddy later and he said that by the time she got to school she was fine.  Glad she was able to find her balance eventually!  Hopefully she is better tonight!

Anyone have advice for dealing with stubborn toddlers?

The below isn’t my daughter but it is exactly what she does!



Camping Review

I am so bad!  Got so caught up in the RocksBox that I forgot that I was supposed to put up some pics of the family’s first camping trip since Maggie and the dog came on board!

Everyone did great!  The weather was great, the new tent was great!  We took notes on a few small things we need to remember to bring next time but all in all, we did good.  We will be going again soon!

Here are some pics!

20160617_191109.jpg 20160617_194602.jpg 20160618_070438.jpg 20160618_125458.jpg

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Online Subscription Services: Can it Become a Addiction?

I am going crazy signing up for online subscription services lately. It started with StixFix which was awesome! Then I tried BlueApron which I wasn’t super thrilled with but probably would have been if my husband wasn’t a great cook that decided to start cooking dinners again! Now I am trying Rocksbox and I can’t wait to get my first box! Below is what I am getting (hopefully tomorrow)!  It is pretty sad how excited I am to get this box!

162-125-G NAK-B36-1 WCO-E3

I love that now between StichFix (clothing) and Rocksbox (jewelry) I will actually get some new things in my wardrobe.  I have no time to go shopping.  There are just too many other things I need to do in my life (eat, sleep, run, hang with the family) and shopping just normally doesn’t make it to the top of the list!  Now it doesn’t have too!  Talk about finding some good balance!  🙂

Is anyone else in LOVE with these types of services?  Can anyone else recommend anything else I should try?

I will let you know how Rockbox works out soon!