Depression · life

Long Time Not Writing!

WOW!  That is all I have to say!  It has been almost a year since I have been on here!  Don’t know where the time went but I can most definitely say that things are much better in my life now then they were a year ago and they are better with no major changes being made, just an attitude adjustment from me (and a little help from Zoloft)!  🙂

I am still working at the same place (managed to get through another layoff cycle), I am still married to my crazy husband, I still have the kid (now 3.5 years) and all the psychotic animals but things are much better.  Totally able to deal with things better now.  An attitude adjustment can make all the difference!  I no longer feel depressed and unable to deal with my life.  I have to say thanks to Zoloft for helping me get to my Happy Place!



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