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Why is Accepting Yourself the Hardest Thing to Do? (At least for me…)


I fully agree with the quote above.  I think everyone should be themselves and that everyone is beautiful when they are themselves.  When people are being themselves they are happier and more vibrant.  They are the people who you want to be around and hang out with when they are themselves.  I am included in this as well.  I am much more loveable when I calm down and just be myself.

Why then is it so hard to just be yourself if you know that you are a better person when you are?  I think for me at least a lot of it is tied to guilt.  I don’t like to accept that sometimes I just don’t want to do something when I think it is something I should be doing and sometimes I just need to make the change.  I have a big issue changing plans sometimes.

Most recently, I had planned a run.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing my run and this was one of those times.  I just wanted to go have dinner out with my family and have a glass of wine.  I can sometimes spend hours feeling bad about my decision to skip the run and just go have dinner.  I can easily ruin a time that should be fun.  And what for?  Skipping a run once in a while is not going to cause me to gain 10lbs or lose fitness.  Nothing bad will happen.  I just need to chill out and go with it!  I need to learn to tell my Type A perfectionist personality to calm down.  Changing plans last-minute is not the end of the world.  Maybe one day I figure out how to do it for real…

Accepting myself and imperfections is a big step toward the goal of balance!  Doing what I truly feel like doing and not doing things out of guilt is another!


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