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Balance – Trying to Get Rid of Worry





Stress relief is what I need!  Right now – and  a LOT of it! I am going on a run tonight but for some reason I feel like it may not be enough today…

Mainly it is my job that is stressful right now.  We are looking at quite a few layoffs happening from my office due to a large budget deficit and I am very nervous about it all.  I really don’t feel that I have anything to be worried about but I am still worried anyway!

Now I know all the quotes on worry there are out there…  see a few above but it really doesn’t help me feel better… 😦

Now I know that at this point, there is nothing I can do to help make the outcome any different from what it is going to be in this case.  I work hard and I believe that my position is valuable and that it is needed but if the leaders of my organization don’t think so, than they just don’t and there isn’t anything I can do right now to make them change their minds.  Worrying about it is not going to accomplish anything but I can’t stop doing the worrying!

So in the meantime, while we all wait a month plus to see who they are going to layoff I need to find something I can do to distract myself from the worry!  I am open to ideas!  I workout a lot (running 3 days a week and body weight exercise 2 times a week plus lots of walking everyday – 10,000+ steps) and I don’t drink so other ideas that work for you!  Please and thank you!




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