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Finding Balance… and Totally Failing!


Well today ended up being a pure balancing failure for me.  I had planned to go for a long 8.5 mile run when I got home tonight and that completely fell through.  I ended up getting home late and I had a grumpy toddler that needed extra attention.  It was nice to get some extra hugs in with my girl tonight but I really needed and missed my run!  Plus I had based my whole sloth like day on the fact that I was running tonight so my activity level and food intake just did not match today at all.  After I realized that I decided to really be special and eat a whole chocolate bunny by myself!  It was the hollow kind but still!

Wow I was great today – not!  Just typing this makes me smile a little and laugh out loud a tiny bit.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I will get up and be active.  I will eat better and I will really go for a run tomorrow – even if it is 3 miles instead of 8.5 miles.  The re-set button will be pushed!


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