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Balance: Finding Time to Fit in Exercise and Healthy Eating

no time for health

Stop using “lack of time” as an excuse. One of the most common barriers to weight loss is the belief that you don’t have enough time. One study found that 41% of women said “lack of time” was the reason that they didn’t eat better and 73% of women said they didn’t exercise because their schedules were too busy. The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, you have to find a way to make time for healthy activity.

The above is so important to me!  I have so little time to do anything I want to do for me.  I work full-time, I have two cats and a hyper dog, a husband, and I two and a half year old daughter.  Most of my time is spent doing something for one of these things and not for myself (although all of these things were things I chose to include in my life so it is what it is)!

I have learned over the years that you have to do something for yourself in order to be happy and that you also have to take care of yourself with exercise and healthy eating in order to be the best person you can be.  Something for yourself can be a lot of different things to people.  Some people love to go shopping, some love to sit and watch tv, some like to do crafts.  Me, I love to exercise (most days anyway).  I also like to cook healthy meals but that is not something I have fully learned how to fit into my schedule yet!  🙂

I am sure that finding the time to exercise a few times a week would be a lot worse if I didn’t actually enjoy it.  I would rather go for a run than watch an hour tv show on most days.  Even though I enjoy exercise, I still find it hard to fit it into my normal schedule.  I do it but it takes planning!

I am thankful for my husband who gives me the time I need to go out by myself for my runs 3 days a week.  Some of them are really long too.  I am training for a half marathon and my long runs are about an hour and a half long right now and I am only running 8 miles right now.  But he takes our daughter and lets me have my time.  He also does most of the cooking for the family which is great!  He used to be a chef so he is a much better cook than I am and he can make a healthy meal in half the time I can.  While I love to cook, time constraints make it something that falls on him most of the time.

I guess the point is, making time to take care of yourself through exercise and healthy eating is something that everyone should do.  It makes you healthier and stronger and less stressed out so you can be a better employee, wife and mother.  These things just make you a better you period and they are worth finding the time for!


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