Toddlers Listen to You More Than You Think!

Yesterday I learned that toddlers listen to you more than you think they do!

I run 3 times a week.  I am training for a half marathon and taking my time after having a lot of things that have kept me from running over the last few years.  Every time I go running, I tell my daughter where I am going and what I am doing.  I want her to know that MaMa is going out and doing something good for her body and I want her to know that MaMa likes to run and that exercising and taking care of yourself is not a chore, it is fun and rewarding!

So yesterday, I went out for my quick 3 mile run.  I told my daughter I was going and gave her a kiss and out the door I went.  It was a tough run.  I was tired from a long day at work and hungry.  I didn’t really want to go run that day but I knew I needed too.  By the end of it I felt pretty good!  I knew I had accomplished something good and that is always a nice feeling.

When I came in the door, my daughter ran up to me and gave me a hug and looked up at me and said, “MaMa run real fast?”  I just starting laughing and picked her up and gave her a big kiss and told her, “yes, MaMa ran really fast!”

I didn’t think that she really paid attention to me when I told her I was going out to run but I guess she does!


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