Review of Kale, Mushroom and Beet Grilled Cheese

I got so wrapped up in my thoughts on my last post that I totally forgot that I was supposed to review the Kale, Mushroom and Beet Grilled Cheese recipe!

I won’t say that it was bad but I won’t say that it was good either.  I like that it had a ton of healthy ingrediants in it and it tasted good but I just don’t know personally how I feel about goat cheese for a grilled cheese sandwhich.  I think I would have liked this one better if I just would have made it with toasted bread instead of actually grilling it like a grilled cheese.  I think it would have turned out better as a cold sandwhich.

In fact, I think I will try it that way and see if it is better!  I guess there will be more to come on this one!

I guess that in my mind a grilled cheese shouldn’t really vary much from this…  Sad but true!

grilled cheese



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