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Running Helps Me Restore Balance


This was me today.  It was tough first part of the day.  I woke up happy but everything went down hill quickly.  All I wanted to do was lay around and sleep and be miserable.  Today I had also planned to do a 7.5 mile run outside.  Looking back at things, I am pretty sure that I got all moody because I was scared to death to do a 7.5 mile run outside.  I normally do my long runs on the treadmill at the gym but I didn’t have a way to get to the gym today so I planned to just get over my fear and do it outside.  I didn’t have anyone that cared to talk to me about my fears so I got myself all worked up and I almost decided not to go.

After awhile of being miserable, I finally thought, what do I have to lose?  Worst case I get halfway and decide I can’t go any further.  At least I still got a 3 mile run which is still great.  The weather was great – sunny and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  I had no real excuse to not at least try.

I am glad I did!  It was a good run!  I won’t say great because it was a very hard run with lots of hills and it was very long but it was good!  I made it the whole 7.5 miles and ran/walked at about a 11 minute miles pace with warm up included.  I know I am not super fast but this is good for me!

Once I was done my mood was greatly improved and the rest of the day has been good. I even went to the store and treated myself to a new pair of running shorts too!  I guess sometimes all I need is a run to help me be nicer and happier!

Tomorrow I am hoping to get to the grocery store so I can get what I need to make the Beet Kale and Goat Cheese Grilled Cheeses!


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