The Balance of Wisdom, Courage and Dignity


Well, I had my first step in finding out what my set back is going to cost me and it went exactly as I thought.  I am not thrilled but things could have been worse and at least I was prepared for the outcome.  I have walked away from the problem that caused the set back (which did take courage) and I am accepting my fate with dignity.  My only wish is that I would have had the wisdom to walk away from the problem before the set back occurred but it is what it is and the set back really sealed the deal for me and gave me the courage to walk away and stay away from the problem.

Wisdom knowing what to do and doing what you need to do for you and not what just doing what others think you should do.  Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable with yourself even if it means that you may not be doing what everyone else is doing.  Courage is doing what is comfortable to you and having no regrets about it!


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