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Balance: You Get Stronger


When going through a lifestyle change there will always be people who try to tell you that you don’t have to do what ever it is you are trying to do. If you are trying to eat healthier or not drink as much alcohol they will tell you every time they see you that you are skinny enough and that you don’t need to eat better and they will tell you that you don’t drink that much anyway so why are you trying to cut back?  What you need to remember is that these people aren’t inside your head and they do not understand how you feel about yourself and why you are making the changes you are making.  Only you know how making these changes will make you feel and if making them will make you happier on some level then you need to grow stronger and just do it. and not listen to the negativity from those around you.

On some level, I think people around us get nervous when we make changes to our lives because even though they may not want to make changes to their own lives, it calls them out on things that they know they may need to change but aren’t ready to do yet.  Due to this, it will never get easier, you must just get stronger and do what you need to do.  It is your life and you run it the way you want to no matter what anyone says.  Those around you should not say discouraging remarks to you about your new goals and you should also not try to force what you are doing on them.  Life would be a lot better if people would be less judgmental of others and what they do.  I am very guilty of this too so let’s all try to be better and more supportive of each other even if our goals are different!


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