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Weekend Wrap Up of Food and Balance


Flowers to make me see things in a little brighter light!

This weekend ended up being pretty good with food.  I ate a little more than I should have but I did well considering I was with family most of the day on Saturday and there is more bad food (but super tasty) food than anything in their houses!  I kept my portions in check and made sure that I ate my share of produce while I wasn’t with them.  I am proud of myself for balancing it like I did!

I did actually end of making the two recipes I blogged about earlier.  I made the Spiced Coconut Kale with Avocado tonight with dinner and it was awesome!  I am not a cook at all and this was super easy even for me to make so don’t be scared to try it!  It is a very balanced healthy recipe that is both sweet and spicy at the same time.  Very enjoyable!

I also made the No Bake Granola Bars but I have not tried them yet as they are still setting up.  I plan to have that for breakfast tomorrow so I will have a review for it in the morning!

I was a little stressed this weekend trying to do laundry and clean the house and go to church and do all my normal stuff in one day instead of two since we were gone visiting family for most of the day on Saturday.  I didn’t freak out as much as I think I would have last week or the week before.  Everyone has clean clothes to wear and the house is sort of clean and we have food.  I should be happy with that.  I am working on my balance and learning that the state  we are inis fine to be in and that perfection is something that will not happen.  To lead a balanced life I need to realize this fact.  Everyone but me is happy and I need to stop that!


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