Balancing: What a Workout Girl Tells and Doesn’t Tell About Working Out

This made me LOL a little bit at my desk.  Many of these are very true!  At least for me!  I do numbers 4, 9 and 12 A LOT (pretty much all the time)!

14 Things Girls Who Work Out Do But Will Never Admit To

K. Aleisha Fetters2 days ago
© BraunS/Getty ImagesYou might think it’s only you. But trust us, it’s not. Pretty much every girl who works out has done these 14 things—they just don’t want to ‘fess up.

1. Sniff-Checking Your Pits

During lat pulldowns, downdog, you name it.

2. “Borrowing” Toiletries from the Locker Room

The cost of that bottle of Kiehl’s body wash is built into the membership fee, right?

3. Checking Out Another Girl at the Gym

Because either 1) her workout wear is awesome, or 2) you’re wondering what moves she’s used to get a butt like that.

4. Peeking at Others’ Cardio-Machine Displays

…And immediately changing the level on yours.

© Rex

5. Living Off of Dry Shampoo

Seriously, who has time to wash her hair after every workout?

6. Getting Anxious When Someone Picks Up a Piece of Equipment You’re Going to Use

Even if you shouldn’t need it for a good 30 minutes.

© Rex

7. Mentally Correcting Other People’s Form

Would he think it was helpful or snooty if you told him that he’s squatting wrong? It’s a constant internal debate you have.

8. Getting Furious When Someone Steals “Your” Locker

There are at least 100 lockers in this gym—and she just had to take yours?!?!

9. Reusing Sports Bras

Which one did your wear during your recovery workout? That one shouldn’t be too sweaty, right?

10. Cutting Your Workout Short the Second Your Phone Dies

Because life fact: No music, no workout.

11. Using the Mirrors to Check Out Guys

After all, motivation comes in lots of different forms.

12. Planning Your Workout According to Your Leg Hair

You haven’t shaved? You need to wear pants, so you guess today will be a light day.

© Associated Press

13. Being Weirded Out When Someone Hops on the Elliptical Next to You

…Even though five other machines are available. Seriously, dude? You don’t want some personal space?

14. Getting Psyched When You Have to Raise the Cable Machine’s Weight

Because that means you’re stronger than whoever last used the machine.



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