Balance the Good With the Bad


I think this will be my motto for this week.  I have had a major setback happen this year and I have the first step in finding out just how much of a setback it will truly be this week.  So far, I have used this set back to jump-start a healthier more balanced life which was something I was trying to do before the setback occurred anyway so this setback is truly becoming a comeback for me.  I am a lot happier with the “new” me that came about after the setback occurred.  Life feels more right for me now.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I have had too many things happen in my life that seemed horrible at the time (and they were) but what would my life be like if they wouldn’t have occurred?  I am happy with my life overall and really would not change anything too major about it so all of these bad things happened for a reason – to shape the life I have now and enjoy 98% or more of the time.  Bad things happen, it is how you handle them that really shapes your life, not the bad thing itself.

On a less serious note…

The No Bake Granola Bars came out tasting great!  They fall apart kind of easily though.  Any ideas on how I can fix that?  I used peanut butter for the nut butter, chocolate Cheerios for the cereal and my flaxseed wasn’t ground.  I also did not add the chocolate chips.  Maybe it was the flax-seed not being ground?  They tasted awesome anyway but they aren’t something you could pick up and eat in the car or on a run without making a mess.  I am happy that I have a great breakfast for the rest of the week.  That is if my husband stays out of them anyway!  🙂

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!


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