The Art of Balancing Time with Children and Animals with a Desire to Get Some Exercise

So tonight I made good use of balancing things in my life to move towards my pursuit of health.  I work all day so when I get home I want to spend time with my daughter and with my animals but I also want to move around and get some exercise because I sit at a desk all day for the most part.  Today, instead of trying to decide what to do (exercise or hang out with my daughter and animals) I balanced it by taking both of them for a walk around the neighborhood.  This doesn’t always work out well but today it was quite pleasant as both of them were on their best behavior.  I wasn’t the fastest walker (dog makes frequent stops to do her business) and I wasn’t as attentive to what my daughter was saying as I would have been in the house (it is loud outside!) but we all went out and had a good time!  It wasn’t perfect but it was great anyway!

When we got home dinner was almost ready so we ate and moved on to homework time for the little one.  I can’t believe she has homework already!  She isn’t even in pre-school yet!  It is fun stuff like coloring and counting and she likes it and I guess it is setting a good example but I am just not ready for this yet.  Although it is one more thing to do we found balance and did some of it now and some will be done in the morning.



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