Getting Started with the Pursuit of Balance

The pursuit of balance is a tough one with all of the demands that are placed on us in our lives.  Demands come from outside sources (work, children, spouses…) however, a lot of the demands we face come from ourselves.  At least that is how it works for me.  A little about me…

I am a 30-something career woman, wife, and mother of one active toddler and a dog and two cats (I think the furry kids count too!).  I am also a runner and am in training for my first half marathon which is to take place this fall.  I will admit that I feel that I have to be the best at all of these things (the best employee, the best mother, the best wife, the best runner).  As I get older, I realize that being the best at everything is impossible and the pursuit of being the best at everything is running me ragged for nothing!  I need to do the best I can and have realistic expectations on how things will go.  I can normally do pretty well in all arenas if I properly balance everything out so everything gets the right amount of attention.  So here I am in my new pursuit of balance and not perfection!

Life is full – often times uncomfortably full for me.  I am in the pursuit of balance in my life that continues on a permanent basis.  Hopefully if I am able to find a balance the best health I can be in will follow.  This blog is for me to motivate myself (and others!) to be mindful to not stress out and to take it one second at a time and stop to smell the roses.  I tend to be sensitive and take things too seriously and it all takes me off-balance!  Time to stop the nonsense!

This quote I think sums up what I am feeling and thinking the best right now:

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.”

– Barbara de Angelis

Don’t give your whole self away!  Balance is about giving but still maintaining what makes you YOU!




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